Pink Striped Valentine's Day Nails In Negative Space Design

Hello Everyone!

There is a new Valentine's Day nail art but of course not only for Valentine's Day!

I put this pink design in negative space and inspired by plaid nail art as well.

Let me show you how easy to do this cute manicure!

1. Apply base coat, to protect your natural nails from hard discoloration,

2. Take French manicure tape and fix over the nail:

3. Apply baby pink nail polish:

Upsss I painted my skin, but no problem! We can remove it easily by a dotting tool:

4. By a tweezers remove the tape slowly:

5. For the next step we need:

- Striping brush,
- Pink nail polish,
- Dotting tool:

6. Finally draw glitter stripes at the edge of baby pink section and between the pink lines:

7. At the end the top coat:

That's it!  We're done..

I just love this pretty design. It's so romantic and easy to do.
Hope you'll like it too... Share your opinion! :)

What I use:

1. Essence base coat,

2. Lovely baby pink nail polish,

3. Rimmel pink nail polish,

4. Essence silver glitter nail polish,

5. Sally Hansen Double Duty base & top coat,

6. Striping brush,

7. Dotting tool.

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