Black based French manicure with white cracking polish and effect gel or glitter top coat

Hi Everyone! :-)

Today I played with the black and white nail polishes.

The result.. I hope you will like it.

What I used:

1. miss sporty-Lasting Colour Maxi Brush/Black

2. essence-White Cracking top coat

3. essence-gel nails at home/effect gel top coat ... but I added in the video too that be careful with gel top coat. If you don't have UV light the gel won't dry.

I tried it and after hours it was not dried. But sure I like it, it gives wonderful look for nail.
So Essence has much not gel top coat with glitter, you can choose one of them.

Now, watch how I am doing it:

Have a great day!


Crackle nail art inspired by French manicure

I played a bit with the thought how I can use the cracking nail polish and the French manicure together.

Now there is the result. I made it colourful with the blue nail polish, then I used the cracking top coat a bit messy way.

What I used:

1. essence-colour&go/158 if i were a boy

2. essence/nail art CRACKING top coat

3. miss sporty/TURBO DRY TOP COAT


The polish has to be totally dried and use just softly the brush that it could not destroy the base painting.

Have a nice day!

Watch how I am doing :-)


Amazing nails with multi effect fan brush

Hi Everyone,

Today I used multi effect brush and made amazing nails in easy way.

You can do it easy and it gives you a special design against simple paintings.

What I used:

1. Crystal Nails - Longlasting 47

2. essence - colour&go 158 if i were a boy

3. essence multi effect brush

4. miss sporty - TURBO DRY TOP COAT


At first you use the blue polish have to wait until it fully dries.
And then may come the light blue polish... and it has to dry fully as well before the top coat.
At the end when you paint the top coat be careful, don't push hard the brush, it can destroy the lines.

I hope you'll like it :)

Enjoy it!


My French manicure with silver glitter nail polish

I show you, how I make my French manicure with silver glitter nail polish.

I like the French nail painting because we can use it anytime, in many variations.

I use white nail polish, silver glitter polish and top coat polish.

I do not write brands, I am sure you all have the favorite products.

I hope you'll like it.

Nail painting tutorial for medium length nails - Red colour polish and some extra drops

Nail painting tutorial for medium length nails - How to paint your nails with red colour nail polish - Make it yourself

Hi Everyone :)

This is my first video here,

And important, if you get me wrong that is becuase the English is not my native language :)

Life World Women, so that means everything can appears here.

This first one is about nail painting.

That is an easy way that anyone can use.

I decided to use red colour and some little decoration.

Good watching :)