Galaxy nail art design - Easy and fabulous

Super cute galaxy nails!

This nail design reminds of Christmas. I don't know why but it's bright and fabulous.

At first I apply base coat to protect my nails then may come black polish.

Then I use a small sponge to put levander, blue and white polish.

Next step I make some dots with a toothpick.

And finally I use glitter nail mostly silver and blue glitters inside.

We already finished! :-)

What I used:

1. Essence base coat,

2. Black polish/Gloss like gel by Lovely,

3. Astor/Sweet Lavender/39/201/3026,

4. Miss Sporty/medium blue/0/515/4147,

5. Crystal Nails/white polish/500,

6. Miss Sporty/Sparkle touch/4057.

I hope you'll like it.

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Nude nails design - Special shape with natural colours


Today I bring natural colours. I love them! ... brown and beige look cool together.

I use nothing tape or tools for this design, only polish brushes.

At first I paint the base beige colour:

Then brown sand colour is coming:

It's again an easy nail design and the result is something special playing with colours and shapes.

What I use:

1. NUDE nail polish by Lovely/7/,

2. BALTIC SAND by Lovely/4/,

3. Essence quick dry top coat.

Try it, this is an easy nail art for beginners as well.

Have a colourful day!

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Watch how I'm doing it:


Halloween nails in easy way by colours of Fall

Happy Halloween!!

I made funny Halloween nails today.
I used orange, black and gold nail polishes. I think these colours are amazing together and trending as well at this Autumn.

I am sure you'll like it if you try once.
It's an easy nail design for Everyone even beginners too.

I used toothpick for 'eyes' instead of dotting tools. I like it, becuase I can cut if off as I need its size.

And what I used:

1. Miss Sporty/black polish/4/080/3316

2. Crystal Nails/white polish/500

3. Essence/gold polish

4. Miss Sporty/orange polish/37/452/4216

.. and toothpick.

Try it and I hope you'll like it :-)

Have a great day!

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Nail Trends 2014 Fall/Winter - Half moon nails and red based design with black ombre tips

Nice day Everyone!

Today I decided to make some sponged nails with half moon design.

I used red polish, what is trending at this autumn - also I like this colour so much.

After finish the base colour, I used a small piece of sponge to make ombre black nails.

Finally I finished my nails with quick dry top coat.

What I use:

1. Crystal Nails /red polish/42/

2. Miss Sporty /black polish/4/080/3316

3. A simple sponge

4. Essence /quick dry top coat/

I use simple sponge, usually I don't use makeup sponge :-) just cut off a small piece of it.

I hope you'll like this design.

Have a great day!

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Watch my video how I'm doing it.


Black matte nail art with gold and white colours

At first, what I use:

1. Black nail polish by Miss Sporty/4/080/3316

2. Matte top coat by Lovely

3. Gold nail polish by Miss Sporty/21/312/4185

4. White nail polish by Crystal Nails/500

Amazing nails in easy way

It may looks hard but in fact it's easy.
I paint my each nail with black polish, after getting dry I use the matte top coat.

Then gold and white polish...

I can't talk much about it, have to try it :-)
See how it's nice and unique. I'll show you in the video how I am doing it.

Music of the video by Kevin MacLeod /Easy Jam/


Colourful party nails with multi effect fan brush

This is a funny colouful nail art design. 'Ready for party!' nails. But I use it also if I feel a little down.
For sure if you look at your nails you are going to smile soon.

So, what I used:

1. White polish by Crystal Nails

2. Colours of the rainbow as: lilac, yellow, green.. these are by Miss Sporty... and red by Astor

3. And finished with the top coat by Essence

4. Multi effect fan brush by Essence as well.

It's really not difficult for beginners too.

At first need to paint the base coat with the white polish.

After when it becomes dry we can continue with the colours:

Watch the video how I'm doing it :-)

Have a great day!

Music of the video by Kevin MacLeod /Son Of A Rocket/


Black matte nail art tutorial & decor with dotting tools or toothpick

Hi Everyone! :-)

I like so much the matte nail art and today I thought that share you one of my favorite designs.

At first I painted my nails with black nail polish and after drying I used the matte polish.
( Be careful, don't push the brush hard, it can mess up the base colour. )

So, when it finished, we can start the dotting.

Don't push the dotting tools or toothpick hard as well just touch the nails with them for letting nice work at the end.

I show every details into the video and I am sure beginers can do it perfectly too :-).

What I use:

1. miss sporty black nail polish /4/080/3316/

2. Lovely Matte top coat

3. miss sporty brown nail polish /2/530/4053/

4. miss sporty gold nail polish /21/312/4185/

I hope you'll like it.

See how I am doing it... Have a nice day!