Halloween nails in easy way by colours of Fall

Happy Halloween!!

I made funny Halloween nails today.
I used orange, black and gold nail polishes. I think these colours are amazing together and trending as well at this Autumn.

I am sure you'll like it if you try once.
It's an easy nail design for Everyone even beginners too.

I used toothpick for 'eyes' instead of dotting tools. I like it, becuase I can cut if off as I need its size.

And what I used:

1. Miss Sporty/black polish/4/080/3316

2. Crystal Nails/white polish/500

3. Essence/gold polish

4. Miss Sporty/orange polish/37/452/4216

.. and toothpick.

Try it and I hope you'll like it :-)

Have a great day!

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