Colourful party nails with multi effect fan brush

This is a funny colouful nail art design. 'Ready for party!' nails. But I use it also if I feel a little down.
For sure if you look at your nails you are going to smile soon.

So, what I used:

1. White polish by Crystal Nails

2. Colours of the rainbow as: lilac, yellow, green.. these are by Miss Sporty... and red by Astor

3. And finished with the top coat by Essence

4. Multi effect fan brush by Essence as well.

It's really not difficult for beginners too.

At first need to paint the base coat with the white polish.

After when it becomes dry we can continue with the colours:

Watch the video how I'm doing it :-)

Have a great day!

Music of the video by Kevin MacLeod /Son Of A Rocket/

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