Black Glitter Nails For New Year's Eve - Happy New Year!

Hello Everyone!

This nail art is a 'last minute' quick design for New Year's Eve parties.

We need black nail polish, dark grey glitter polish, silver and purple glitters.

Let's start this bright nail design!

1. Apply base coat, to protect your natural nails - I use 'Peel Off' base coat because of glitters,

2. Paint each nail black:

3. Prepare silver and purple glitters:

4. Apply dark grey glitter polish over the black nails, but only one at a time, because we don't need to wait until getting dry:

5. By using a dotting tool, start to put the glitters over the nail randomly:

6. Finally apply to coat:

That's it! We're done..

Let me know what you think! :)

What I use:

1. Miss Sporty Peel Off base coat,

2. Lovely black nail polish,

3. Miss Sporty CrushOnYou 3D Texture dark grey silver glitter polish,

4. Silver and purple glitters,

5. Sally Hansen Double Duty base and top coat,

6. Dotting tool.

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