Christmas Nail Design Using Tape & Striping Brush

Hello Everyone!

Today I'm bringing another Christmas nail design using Scotch tape and striping brush.
I used two color for this shiny nail art.

Let's start it!

1. Apply base coat to protect your natural nails,

2. Paint your ring finger nail gold, the other nails are pale pink /mauve/:

3. Take Scotch tape and scissors and cut two thin pieces off then fix them over the middle finge nail:

4. By using striping brush and gold nail polish start to paint the Christmas tree / the upper lines are in gradient shape as you see:

5. After removing the tapes paint start on the peak:

6. Over the index nail paint a shooting star / Unfortunately the appearance of this design is not so great under the lamp light because of the shiny gold polish, but under the natural light it is so beautiful... You'll see if you try it out.

7. Paint star on the little little finger nail and on the thumb nail as well:

8 Finally apply top coat:

That's it! We're done.

I wish you'll  Merry Christmas! :)

What I use:

1. Essence base coat,

2. Essence pale pink /mauve/ and gold nail polishes,

3. Sally Hansen Double Duty base & top coat,

4. Scotch tape and scissors,

5. Striping brush.

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