Christmas & New Year's Eve Nail Art In Antique Style

Hello Everyone!

Today's nail art is in antique style, or at least that reminds me so much of it :)

This design is great for Christmas and for New Year's Eve as well.

Let's start it!

1. Apply base coat to protect your natural nails from hard discoloration,

2. Paint each nail burgundy,

3. We need then a small sponge and pale pink nail polish and can start the patterns - I do randomly pink parts even not the same on my nails:

4. When it's ready use top coat:

5. I use two kinds of gold polish, a sparkly one and a bronze look polish for the stripes around the pink sections, and a striping brush:

6. And finally the dot design, I use the bronze-gold nail polish and my smallest dotting tool for it:

That's it! We're done!

Hope you like it enough for trying out :)

What I use:

1. Essence base coat,

2. Crystal Nails burgundy nail polish,

3. Essence pale pink and sparkly gold nail polishes,

4. Catrice gold polish - the bronze look one,

5. Sally Hansen Double Duty base & top coat,

6. Striping brush,

7. Makeup sponge,

8. Dotting tool.

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