Summer Floral Nails By Using Nail Art Brush

Still Summer!!

So I'm coming again with one of my favorite colors... the PINK.

I hope you don't mind it :)

Today I used only a nail art brush for making the floral design.

Let's bebin this pretty nail art!

1. Apply base coat to protect the natural nails from discoloration,

2. Paint your nails:

- Thumb and index finger nails are orange,
- Ring and little finger nails are pink,
- Middle finger nail is beige

3. We now start the flowers by using a nail art brush and green nail polish:

4. Go on by painting of petals and use dark pink, pink and baby pink colors:

5. For the yellow flowers I use pastel green nail polish and of course the yellow one (Unfortunately my camera didn't record the 'yellow flower part' that's why you see them as ready, so I draw second layer on the top to show you how to do) :

6. Some green at the edge and over the darker green leaves as well:

7. I paint pink and orange tips over the other nails, it's similar to ombre design:

8. Finally apply the top coat:

That's it!

We're done :)

I'm excited for you to see this summer nail art... I really like this design so much because of colors and the floral pattern.

Please share your thoughts, ask me anything you need to know :)

What I use:

1. Essence base coat,

2. Lovely Nude nail polish,

3. Lovely Summer Trend pink and baby pink nail polishes,

4. Essence green nail polish,

5. S-he pastel green nail polish,

6. Maybelline ColoRama orange nail polish,

7. NYC dark pink nail polish,

8. Rimmel yellow nail polish,

9. Essence QuickDry top coat.

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Music by Kevin MacLeod /Easy Jam/

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