How I File My Square Nails / Nail Care

Hello Everyone!

I have a request for long ago that how I file my nails.. So today I share this little nail care tutorial.

1. I cut my nails off if these are already long... by this way we need to file less:

2. By a glass file I start to shape my nails.

Firstly the end of free edge, then the sides and finally the corners:

3. My nails are a bit ridged, so I file the surface of them.. a little not much:

4. A little soak in warm water before I push the cuticles back:

Do it carefully, this part is sensitive!

5. Finally I apply repairing nail oli with argan oil:
/Also great for nails products contain coconut or jojoba oil/

Massage it into the nails and cuticles:

The nail are ready!

Hope I could give you some useful ideas ;)

What I use:

1. Nail clipper,

2. Glass nail file,

3. Soft nail file,

4. A small dish of warm water,

5. Essence Repairing Oil With Argan Oil

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