Black & White Separated French Manicure Tutorial

Hi Guys!

Today I'm bringing a French manicure design, which one is black and white separated nail art.

Let's begin this pretty nail design!

1. Apply base coat,

2. Start the French tip with the white part:

3. Paint the black side which one is bigger than the white one:

4. For the black line at the edge of white side I use black liner polish, but you may use nail brush and simple black polish as well:

5. For the next step use small headed dotting tool and white nail polish:

6. Finally apply top coat:

That's it! We're done.

Please feel free to ask me or to share your opinion.

What I use:

1. Essence base coat,

2. Rimmel Brit Manicure white nail polish,

3. Lovely black nail polish,

4. ADEN black liner polish,

5. Essence QuickDry top coat.

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