Orange, Pink & Yellow Nail Art Brush Design

Hi Guys!

Today's nail art is for wish :)

I've got request for orange nail art that is not fully orange. So I decided to match it with pink and yellow.

Hope you'll like this rapid idea.

Let's begin!

1. Apply base coat to protect your natural nails from discoloration,

2. Paint your nails orange, pink and yellow - as you see above on the picture,

3. We need now a simple nail art brush - a striping one - and we can start the floral pattern:

Over the orange nails I apply yellow polish, over the yellow nails pink and orange polish, and over the pink nails yellow polish...

4. Finally apply top coat:

That's it!
We're done :)

You'll see in the video that my pink nail is spotted. It's because I apply only one coat.
After getting dry the pink basic became more spotted, but I didn't change it because I just love it by this way.

Please tell me how you like this easy nail brush design, even the spotted nail.

What I use:

1. Essence base coat,

2. Miss Sporty orange nail polish,

3. Lovely Summer Trend pink nail polish,

4. Essence pastel yellow nail polish,

5. Essence QuickDry top coat.

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