Wedding Nail Art

Today's nail art is a wedding nail design.

I decided no to write too much because I can show you how to do by more pictures, it's more easy :)

Let's begin the 'Big Day' nail art!

1. Apply base coat,

2. Paint with white pearl polish the nails of index fingers, little fingers and thumbs:

3. We need white nail polish and start to paint the 'bride nail' then a part of 'groom nail':

.. You see no need to polish the whole nail of middle finger ..

4. Grab a black liner nail polish or a nail art brush and an ordinary black nail polish, and draw the suit shape:

5. Go on by using a black nail polish and its own brush:

6. By a small headed dotting tool and silver nail polish paint buttons and the tie:

7. Then back to the ring finger and by a bigger headed tool put a dot over it:

8. Grab again the small headed tool and a silver glitter polish and continue:

9. Still we have the 'white pearl' nails so put top of them a white flower with a silver center:

10. The latest step is the top coat:

That's it!  Finished!

Hope you got the steps right :)

What I use:

1. Essence base coat,

2, Maybelline Colo Rama white pearl nail polish,

3. Rimmel Brit Manicure white nail polish,

4. Lovely black nail polish,

5. Aden black liner polish,

6. Catrice Nickel Minaj silver nail polish,

7. Essence silver glitter nail polish,

8. Essence Quick Dry top coat.

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