How To Remove Shattered Nail Art & Glitter Nail Polish In Easy Way

Hello Everyone!

Do you remember of my latest shattered glass nail design?
I applied aluminium foil and glitter nail polish that contains small pieces of cellophane which is similar to glitter polishes.

So I decided to do a video how to remove it easily.

Let's start it!

1. We need: nail polish remover, cotton pad, aluminium foil, tweezers

2. Pour the remover on the cotton pad - I cut it off, we don't need big piece:

3. Fix the cotton pad on the nail then wrap your finger around to keep the pad on its place:

Let the nail soak.... I've waited about 6-8 minutes.

4. Then remove the foil and the cotton pad with some movements:

5. The little triangle foils won't soak of course so we need a tweezers to remove them:

6. At the end I clean up my nails completely:

7. Finally I moisturize my nails by hand&nail balm:


Hope you like this easy way of hardly removable nail polishes including the glitter polishes.

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