Tribal Motifs Insipred Sparkly Nail Design

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Today I picked a sparkly green nail polish as basic polish for this tribal nail art.

We need a few colors and of course you can use your own favorites.

Then let me show you how I do this cute design!

1. Apply base coat to protect your natural nails from discoloration,

2. Paint each nail by using the green nail polish,

3. We start the dotting by a medium sized light blue point - You can see in the video making of both of the middle and ring fingers as well, here I put pictures of each one :)

4. The pictures sequentially show the next steps:

5. The last step is put some black dots in the center of white dots:


I paint less points on my index, little fingers and thumbs and you see that as well in the video.

Hope you'll love this easy nail art.

What I use:

1. Essence base coat,

2. Moyra Aqua Jeans nail polish/sparkly green/ and white nail polish,

3. Rimmel light blue nail polish,

4. Lovely pink and black nail polish,

5. Miss Sporty violet and yellow nail polish.

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