Pretty Pink & White Sponge Nail Art

This pretty pink and white nail art needs a small sponge and a dotting tool over two colors of nail polish.

My camera has gone crazy a bit as I see the colors, it seems violet but I use baby pink :)

So, let me show you how I make this design!

1. Apply base coat to protect natural nails,

2. Paint your nails pink - I painted my ring finger white,

3. Grab a small sponge and paint it white then paint the each side of nail white using it:

4. Take a small headed dotting tool and put white dots over the pink side and pink dots over the white side:

5. Wait about 10-15 minutes then apply the top coat:

6. As last step put silver glitter polish over the edge of colors on the center line:

And finished!

If you do not have dotting tools you may use toothpick as well.

I hope that you like this nail art even I could help you to figure out your next nail design :))

What I use:

1. Essence base coat,

2. Essence baby pink nail polish,

3. Crystal Nails white nail polish,

4. Essence silver glitter nail polish,

5. Essence Quick Dry top coat.

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