Nicki Minaj Inspired Nail Art - Negative Space Dotted Nails

Today's nail art is inspired by Nicki Minaj that we all could see by her engagement ring picture.

So the basic idea came from this :) ... I hope you'll love it!

Let's start this design!

1. Apply base coat to protect natural nails from discoloration,

2. You see on the picture I painted my nails different colors and shape... so, first I paint the full filled nails then the negative space nails... begin the blue one after it the pastel green:

3. Start the dotting by using a medium headed tool - over the blue nails I put green, white and pink dots:

4. If these are ready let's go on with the index finger - I drop pink, blue and glitter dots by using a small headed dotting tool:

5. Over the little finger which is pink I paint blue and glitter dots:

6. And finally the top coat - never forget to wait at least 10-15 minutes before apply it to avoid the smudging!

Almost forgot! Thumbs are simple pink :))

Please leave me a comment or feel free to ask me :)

What I use:

1. Essence base coat,

2. Essence Colour&Go sparkly blue, pink and glitter nail polish,

3. S-he pastel green nail polish,

4. Crystal Nails white nail polish,

5. Essence top coat.

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