Elegant nail art: Lilac & silver nails

Nice and soft!

Lilac and silver nail art by using dotting tool.

As you see I painted my nails with different colours then used opposite dots on top of them.

Let's start it!

Before colours I applied the base coat as always :-)... then I continue with painting of nails then dots:

First I make silver dots on lilac nails then lilac dots on silver nails by using two sized dotting tool:

And finished!

Cute and easy nail art for week days but I think lilac is so elegant for events too.

I hope you like this design and will try it :-).

What I use:

1. Essence base coat,

2. Catrice Nickel Minaj/42/ nail polish,

3. Miss Sporty QuickDry lilac nail polish,

4. Miss Sporty QuickDry light lilac nail polish.

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Music by Kevin MacLeod /Living Voyage/

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