Let's make the grey nails more beautiful!

Grey is not the most colourful colour :-)... but we can find the way to make it interesting!

I used black and white colours for this nail art.

First I paint my nails with base coat for proteting then grey nail polish.. After all I start the dotting with the black part:

When black dots are ready then white dots may come:

As you see the first picture, I put a white dots in the middle of black flower and a black one in the white flower...

And we've done it!

Really easy and I think the dots bring 'colour' in this design.

I hope you like it :-).

What I use:

1. Essence base coat,

2. Crystal Nails grey nail polish,

3. Lovely black nail polish,

4. Rimmel Brit Manicure/Porcelain/.

Music by Kevin MacLeod /Cut and Dry/

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