Elegant Christmas nail design

Cute, nice and elegant!

I used a sparkly nail polish as base coat (after base coat of course), that makes more elegant this nail art.

French manicure style is always trendy as I see and there are many variations of it.

So, let's start it!

As I mentioned above, I applied base coat to protect my nails then sparkly nail polish.

After them I paint the tips.. At first with white polish then red polish:

Really not hard to do :-)

After I finished tip, dots may come:

We've already finished this design! :-)

Try and see how easy to do and how much cute these nails.

What I use:

1. Essence base coat,

2. Lovely 'Blink Blink' sparkly nail polish,

3. Brit Manicure/Porcelain, 430/,

4. Crystal Nails red polish,

5. Essence Colour&Go gold polish.

I hope you like this nail art.

Thanks for your attention!

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