Two easy nail art for Christmas - Golden dotted nails

Still Christmas time!! :-)

I created two easy nail designs for the holidays. You can see one of my nails I painted differently.
The golden polish is always exclusive, shiny.

You can use these style together too.

Let's start it!

First I applied base coat as always... it protects our nails against nail polish.

Then I paint my tip with golden polish:

Then countinue with bigger white dots and smaller red dots:

The first nail art is ready!

Now let's see the second one..

First I paint my whole nail with the golden polish then start the dotting with white dots:

After white lines may come the red lines, see how:

And that's all! We've done it!

What I use: 

1. Essence base coat,

2. Essence Colour&Go golden polish,

3. Crystal Nails white polish,

4. Astor Fashion Studio/300/Mexican Cherry/

I hope you like it! :-)

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