Black matte nail art for New Year's Eve!

You can see above what design I chose today.

Yellow and gold colours remind me of champage, so I think it's perfect for parties especially for New Year's Eve.

Easy and cute nail art that everyone can do it easily.

Let me explain how:

First of all I paint my nails with base coat (for protecting)... then black nail polish may comes and matte top coat:

When we've done it, start the dotting, first the yellow and after the gold dots:

No need perfect dots even the same sizes... just random ones.

What I use:

1. Essence base coat,

2. Lovely black polish,

3. Lovely matte top coat,

4. Miss Sporty yellow polish,

5. Miss Sporty gold polish.

I hope you like this party design! :-)

Happy New Year!!!

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