Sparkly 'Metal Flip' nail art in colors of purple and green

Today I've created a beautiful shiny nail design by using sparkly nail polish and gold liner nail polish.

This polish is shining in colors of green and purple... I hope you'll love it and will try it out! :)

Let's start this nail art!

First of all I apply base coat to protect my natural nails from discoloration... then I paint my each nail with the 'metal flip' nail polish:

The next steps to draw criss-cross lines by using the gold liner nail polish:

And we've already done it!

You see it's an easy but elegant design.

Usually I forget to notice that always wait at least some minutes between two coats for avoiding of smudging!

What I use:

1. Essence base coat,

2. Miss Sporty 'Metal Flip' nail polish,

3. ADEN gold liner nail polish.

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