French manicure for weddings not only for brides

There is an easy and simple French manicure which one I created for weddings... I hope you'll love it and try it as soos as possible.

Let's start it!

First step is the base coat to protect the natural nails.

Then I begin to paint the white tips:

I didn't use top coat but if you want long-lasting nail art then use the top coat after the painting of white tips, and before the gold decoration. By this way the top coat won't cover the sparkly gold stripes.

When it's ready then I draw a gold stripe alongside the tip:

Now only one things is missing, four short stripes:

We've done it :)

This is  really an easy even not a simple French manicure nail art.

 Let's see what I use:

1. Essence base coat,

2. Rimmel Brit Manicure /Nail Tip Colour-Porcelain/

3. ADEN golden liner nail polish.

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