My easy cupcake nails

I bring today a really easy cupcake nail design.

There are nothing special to do with it only we need a dotting tool, a liner nail polish and three kind of colors.

Let me show you how it made :)

First of all I apply base coat against discoloration... then brown tips:

Now may come the red stripes top of brown tips:

If these are ready then start to draw the white spot:

( For the white part we need a medium headed dotting tool. )

Next step is a big pink dot and small pink dots alongside:

And finally a small dot top of the pink one by using sparkly brown 'Baltic Sand' nail polish:

Done! :)

You see it's cute and really not hard to do. Of course everyone can may uses the own favorite colors, I just chose mine favorite ones.

What I use:

1. Essence base coat,

2. Miss Sporty brown nail polish,

3. Moyra white nail polish,

4. Lovely pink and so called 'Baltic Sand' nail polishes,

5. Moyra red liner nail polish.

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