Matte nail art - Christian nails

One of my favorite designs is the matte nail design.

I used dark blue nail polish, but it looks black maybe. (Before the blue polish I used base coat.)

After I applied the matte top coat, then started dotting.

At first the silver and white dots by larger headed dotting tool:

Then I chose smaller tool for the other colours:

When I finished with dotting, I put a line of sparkly silver glitter polish on the edge of dots.

What I use:

1. Essence base coat,

2. Crystal Nails dark blue polish/47/,

3. Lovely Matte top coat,

4. Catrice Nickel Minaj/42/,

5. Crystal Nails white polish,

6. Astor, Sweet Lavender/201/,

7. Astor Quick&Go/321/, Essence silver sparkle sand.

I hope you like that matte Christian nail design.

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